SSuite NetVine

SSuite NetVine 2.2

Create a fully integrated networking environment with just one application.

Create a fully integrated networking environment with just one application.

This revolutionary new software application is the first ever to embrace true stand-alone communications processing in a local area networking environment that includes LAN and Wi-Fi.

Ever since it got released on the news that every known security and intelligence service is monitoring every Skype, instant messaging, twitter, facebook and online e-mail account, internet users started to protect themselves against this invasion of privacy.

We have included everything except the kitchen sink... there is instant messaging for quick chats and responses, quick text, voicemail, server-less email for formal communications, and even a fast file and document transfer portal for true collaboration.

Another advantage of going off-line is that it will save you a bundle in online data costs as you will be using the infrastructure that is already there and usually completely under-used. It does not cost you a cent to use your own local area network to communicate with others that are connected to it.

All you need is the right tool to get the ball rolling and that can only happen with SSuite NetVine. There is no setup necessary as it is completely server-less. Simply activate the network client list that Windows provides on start-up, and directly connect to whom-ever is currently connected.

SSuite NetVine is perfect for any home, home office, and even business office network environment. Get talking, communicating, and document sharing in no time fast and secure over your OWN LAN or Wi-Fi network!

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SSuite NetVine


SSuite NetVine 2.2

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